Logo Juventus – the meaning

logo juventus

Logo Juventus – the meaning

Juventus Football Club is a high flying football club in Italy. The meaning of Juventus is “youth” from latin)

The home ground of Juventus is in Turin, Italy.

Their nickname is La Vecchia Signora (English : The Old Lady)

Their emblem is a black-and-white oval shield of a type used by Italian ecclesiastics. The symbol is divided in five vertical stripes (two white stripes and three black stripes). In the inside, there are the following elements; in its upper section, the name of the society superimposed on a white convex section, over golden curvature (gold for honour). The white silhouette of a charging bull is in the lower section of the oval shield, superimposed on a black old French shield. The charging bull is a symbol of the Comune di Torino.